Meet Our Providers & Staff

Mary H Rosen PA-C

I am the owner of Fresh complexion Medical. I have been a caring and compassionate medical Provider since 2007 when I became a certified PA-C. Prior to that, I created and ran a successful business after obtaining my BA in accounting. During my medical career, I have learned that too many organizations have become rote and mechanical, often times impersonal in practicing Medicine which is not consistent with my style. I have worked tirelessly to perfect the aesthetic services offered at Fresh Complexion and to give my personal attention to every detail, particularly as it relates to my patients personal goal while educating and advising them of their options.

Dr. Germain

Dr. Germain has been a practicing Physician for over 45 years. He graduated from medical school form Laval University.  He specialized in Orthopedic surgery for much of his career but has been practicing clinical Medicine in recent years. He has been performing aesthetics for five years, primarily Botox injection but, in the last year has branched out. His goal is to spend time with his patients, understanding  their aesthetic goals and helping them to achieve  those goals in order to build confidence, self-esteem or just satisfaction with  their physical appearance.